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Butta Lip Scrub
  • Butta Lip Scrub

    Who don't want kissable, smooth, and soft lips. Exfoliating the lips removes that layer of dried crumbly skin that sticks around from skin buildup. Shea butter gives the lip scrub a stiff look so be sure to add water to achieve the desired exfoliation. 


      1 oz. Container

      Ingredients: sugar, glycerin, filtered honey, olive oil, flavored or essential oil with shea butter.

      Directions: Add water to make a paste, apply and gently scrub lips. RInse well. Store in a cool dry area and store in fridge to extend life of lip scrub.


      Shelf Life: 2-6 months  



      Butta Scrubs is NOT responsible for any allergic reactions that may occurs while using our products. Please perform a skin test on wrist or forearm if you have any concerns. Consult your healthcare provider with any questions about any health related issues. Please discontinue use of product if skin irritation occurs. 

      • Discontinue use of product if skin irritation occurs
      • Keep out of the reach of small children and pets
      • Inspect before using. If scrub appears smell rancid or appears to be discolored, Discard immediately. 

      ** Some of the natural ingredients used may have traces or possibly processed by machinery that was used to process tree nuts, peanuts, soy, oats and/ or milk products. **


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